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Are you one of the millions of women who desires skin that glows from within like the twinkling moonlight?  Of course you are! There are a few extra steps towards ultra-hydration beyond rubbing a dab of lotion on your skin from time to time... but with the help of a few easy, low priced (or free) techniques, you can step out with softer, more healthy skin.

    • Moisturize immediately after leaving the shower, locking in your skin's natural moisture.
    • Use an oil-based moisturizer for rough areas, i.e. elbows, hands, feet, knees, etc. Every time that you moisturize your body, moisturize rough areas twice.
    • For chronically dry or aging skin, find treatments with selenium, alpha-hydroxy acids, or Tropoelastin. 
    • Use olive oil to moisturize ultra-dry skin.
    • Shower with warm, not hot, water.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to strong wind, chlorine, and cold weather. If these are elements you are exposed to daily, either bundle up or shower and moisturize immediately after exposure.
    • Don’t sit in the tub too long – if you are a prune, you have bathed long enough.  Shriveled skin is an indicator that the natural oils in your skin has begun to deplete.
    • Look for approval by the FDA or the CIR on the label of your skin care product to ensure that it has been evaluated. Look for products that are paraben free, and free of synthetic fragrances.


Whether you were born with great skin genes or it is something you have to work at, radiant skin can bring out your inner most confidence.



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