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Lash length and fullness is largely predetermined by your genetic makeup.  Some of us are blessed with long, beautiful and thick eyelashes, and some of us stuck with short, sparse, straight or brittle lashes.  Whatever your eyelash fate, you can create the appearance of fuller lashes… here are a few tips!

  • Heat lash curler for 5-10 seconds with a blow dryer prior to using for amplified curl.
  • Curl lashes before applying mascara or primer!  If you curl lashes after, they will stick to the curler and fall out.  Not such a big deal if you have a lot to lose, but if your lashes are very sparse, even the most subtle loss of lashes is noticeable. 
  • Use a primer or clear mascara as a base.  Let dry completely before applying mascara.
  • Instead of a lash separator, let the mascara dry slightly on the wand before applying.  This will help separate lashes without having to use a hard, plastic tool.   Apply 2-3 coats.  
  • Try a Lash Conditioner

Lash conditioners don’t produce results overnight.  But if you apply the regimen to your skincare routine, over time your lashes will appear darker and fuller.  When you stop use, expect the benefits to come to a halt. It is important to note that lash conditioners contain prostaglandin, a treatment for Glaucoma. 

A couple of cautionary notes:

  • Choose a conditioner that is physician formulated and ophthalmologist tested 
  • Never use while wearing contact lenses or if you have a pre-existing eye condition
  • Side effects can include darkness surrounding your eyes 
  • Read the ingredients carefully and avoid formulas containing

No beauty treatment is worth jeopardizing your eyesight - so follow directions carefully when using anything chemical-based on your eyes.  




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