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I have a wizard-of-a-makeup-artist-friend who custom blends eyeshadows specifically for me and ships them across the country so I can step out with glamorous shades that I love! Loose pigment lasts and lasts, and applies like a dream.

I am often asked how I get my eyeshadow to stay put for so many hours without retouching it, and I pass along the advice given to me by Danielle Krane of Team Artistic for Gene Juarez in Bellevue Washington: 

  1. Dip your eyeshadow brush in water and dry with a piece of toilet paper, dip in shadow and apply. The key is to not have a brush that is too wet. (If the brush is too wet, the shadow will clump and apply unevenly.)
  2. Wait a couple of minutes then apply a second coat with a fully dry brush.  

When wearing bold or dark loose pigment shadow, apply before putting on any other makeup.  Then take a cotton ball soaked with cleansing water or toner and remove excess that may fall below your eyes. Apply foundation and the rest of your face, and touch up the shadow as needed with a sponge applicator.





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