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“You’re Glowing!” …A statement we love hearing. A statement often reserved only for when we are post-facial, in love, or pregnant.  A radiant complexion makes us appear healthier and more attractive, and fortunately, there is a simple, sure-fire way to achieve this without weeks of grueling yoga classes and downing wheat-grass, açaí and kelp tinctures: an ever so subtle sunless tan… a natural, radiant, "I just-got-kissed-by-the-sun" glow.

Some great options without subjecting your skin to harmful UVB rays:

Tanning Salon Spray Tans:  Perfect for a special occasion, and when you desire a quick and noticeable tan. Most spray tans last 5-10 days (2-4 if they are painted on with a brush) and begin to fade each time you bathe. 

At-Home Spray Tans: A more cost-effective way to spray tan and available in the comfort of your home.

Semi-Temporary:  Exfoliate, apply evenly and wait four hours prior to bathing for a tan that lasts 2-3 days.  We love  Mystic Tan Sunless Face and Body Tanning Spray™ >>

Wash-Off: Just spray, let dry, dress and go... than wash it down the drain when your day is done. TRY: St. Tropez Wash Off Dark Instant Glow Spray


Sunless Tanning Lotions. These easy to use moisturizers contain gradual tanning agents that provide a slight increase in color after just one use, intensifying with perpetual use.  Opt for a formula that is sweat or water resistant. Let dry completely before dressing and wear dark clothing to avoid staining.   

<<TRY: ZIA Ultimate Age-Defying Sunless Tanner

A natural looking, soft golden glow after just one use. 

Bronzing Powder:  The perfect complement to your sunless tanning treatment.  Apply to areas of the face that are likely to be hit by the sun: nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. 





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