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I recently walked into a small gallery while on vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine... mindlessly awaiting a table at a favorite brunch spot nearby (Jeannie's Breakfast.) As a fine art major, I am typically drawn to the works on the wall instead of the baubles and accessories adorning corner stacked bookcases. But when a work is so beautiful, it becomes your main focus - it calls out to you, and you must walk right up to it. And when I did, I found the perfect purse. Not the perfect Sunday farmers market shopping purse, or the stash paper clips at the office purse... this line of evening purses and clutches are special, individually made and meant for special occasions.

The purses of the Bos Art Opera Collection are small and elegant, perfect for an upscale event. Expertly constructed of steel mesh and a focal material (e.g. peacock, pictured above left,) they have enough punch to command attention and enough weight to allow them to drop in perfect balance. Created by Los Angeles designers Bozenna and Lukasz Bogucki.




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