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If you have thick and curly hair, you know that most hair advice doesn’t always pertain to you. Textured hair deserves its very own set of guidelines... so when confronted with a "niche" beauty concern, we like to consult beauty mavens who have an upper-edge in the task at hand.  For our “Curly Hair Series”, we’ve turned to a master of thick and curly hair whether achieving sleek and soft bone-straight hair to bouncing out with the perfect curls, Ranya Khalil seems to know exactly how to tame tricky tresses.  Any time of year is a good time for no-fuss perfect, shiny and bouncy ringlets of curls. 

For years, my favorite at-home trick has been to simply wrap strands of damp hair around my finger, easily taming flyaways.

For Perfect Curls:

Massage wet hair with your favorite leave-in conditioner (I love Aveda’s Be Curly and Giovanni Organic Weightless Moisture Leave-in.)  Use just enough to coat hair lightly, as using too much builds residue which causes curls to fall flat.  Take hair section by section, starting with the area that dries the fastest (I usually move from front to back) and curl strands around your finger.  Twirls strands in the direction of your curls natural growth or in the direction that your hair naturally falls, ensuring a natural look.  Once you have done this to your entire head, dry hair with a diffuser.  Be sure to use it on the coldest setting to help lock in the shape of the curl and to stave off frizz.  Once dried, apply a dime size amount of serum to give it a little shine.  My “must have” is Weleda Rosemary Oil.  It’s light, smells great and gives it just the shine you need for a healthy look! 

Contributed by Ranya Khalil.



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