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This at home tip rocks because it is super beneficial to your senses and can be done at home - virtually free! The use of essential oils of botanical extracts offers psychological and physical relaxation by triggering neurons in the brain to heighten sensory pleasures... Steam is key to optimizing the path for essential oils to penetrate your blood stream, rejuvenating and reviving you almost instantly.

To create a mini steam-oasis at home, try this:

Light some scented candles in your bathroom (away from all flammables, of course.)  Draw a bath at full heat and shut the door to let steam permeate through the air.  Once tub is full, turn off water and spray essential oils into the air.  Shut the door until bath cools to desired temperature.  

When you are ready for your home spa bath, relax beneath the cloud of aromatherapy you have just created.  It will relax, calm, purify, and enlighten your senses.

If you don't have a lot of hot water or simply want to intensify the moisture in the air, add a humidifier made for aromatherapy (only $14 bucks!)


Read more about safety and correct usage of aromatherapy before performing this intoxicating trick!


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