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Hawaiian extracts and botanicals provide proof that nature wishes our skin to be beautiful! Read the following benefits of these natural healing agents.

Aloe Vera (pa-nini-`awa`awa): “The first aid plant,” Aloe Vera is commonly used for medical and cosmetic needs. The pulpy extract contains natural healing ingredients to sooth the skin.

Avocado (Pea): Packed with vitamins A, C, E and K, avocado is a natural hair and skin conditioner, an exfoliant and aids in hair growth.  Improve your overall beauty with an ingredient found right in your neighborhood grocery store!  We adore Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Hair Treatment!

Banana (Mai 'a): This edible fruit is used for soothing burn wounds and healing scars as well as rebuilding healthy tissue.

Beeswax: Locks away skins natural moisture – ideal for sensitive skin. Try: Savannah Bee Company Beeswax Hand Cream Jar.

Bergamot:  This root, known for its toning and cleansing qualities, is an antiseptic that slows the production of bacterial growth. 

Burdock Root: Used as a medication for dry skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as a cure for acne, this root restores and naturally purifies the skin.

Cane Sugar (Ko): A naturally gentle exfoliant. Scrub and soften with LATHER Yuzu Sugar Cane Body Buff.

Chamomile: Used in aromatherapy for easing depression, chamomile is also an anti-inflammatory, and used as an antiseptic.

Coconut (Niu): This island fruit has multiple uses for beautifying hair, skin and nails. Coconut milk contains natural purifying and healing agents.

Coffee (Oka Kope): A natural exfoliant and energizer, Hawaiian coffee also mends the effects of free radicals which cause ailments from eczema to acne. Coffee is also a UVA/UVB protector.  We like pure Hawaiian coffee - mix it in with your body gel in the shower, pour into a foot soak or mix with your facial mask for a energizing and nourishing treatment.

Gardenia (Na’u): This fragrant white flower aides senses with refreshing and calming effects.

Guava (Kuawa): This sweet Hawaiian fruit draws moisture from the skin while healing skin irritations.

Jasmine (Pikake): This floral extract is a natural skin soother with an incredible delicate island fragrance. Jasmine is also used in aromatherapy for calming feelings of anger. Try TerraNova Pikake Petal Soft Lotion.

Jojoba: Pore minimizing Jojoba, this oil also reinforces the structure of the dermis.

Kukui Nut Oil: This oil from Hawaii's state tree is a natural healer to the driest of skin.  It will leave skin perfectly balanced and smooth.

Lemongrass: A natural skin deodorizer, lemongrass also clears sinuses. Use Lemongrass 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil for uplifting aromatherapy.

Macadamia Nut Oil (Makakema): Elements from this fruity nut are used to moisten dry skin while leaving a sweet scent behind.

Mango (Manako): Pulp from this Hawaiian fruit is used as a skin smoother and a fragrance to enhance skincare products.

Mint (Mohihi): Used for many purposes, mint aides in refreshing the senses and revitalizing the skin. Mint is a key element used in aromatherapy for reducing fatigue.

Noni:  This tropical shrub is used as a treatment for cancer and other diseases in various Polynesian cultures.

Oatmeal ('Okamila): This is natures cure for dry skin, oatmeal is a natural exfoliant, bringing natural moisture to the surface. Try top rated "It's a 10 miracle shine spray with noni oil"

Papaya (Mikana): Gentle enough for all skin types, this fruit adds fragrance and a natural glow to dull skin.

Plumeria (Melia): This fragrant, smoothing and non-greasy floral extract leaves skin beautiful and invigorated.

Pineapple (Hala kahiki): This edible fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals.  The pineapple renews dull skin while relieving it of dryness, and is an excellent ingredient in calming irritated skin. 

Rosemary: Used in aromatherapy for boosting confidence, rosemary is also a natural cleanser. Sea Algae: This sea plant is used for its antibiotic qualities to deeply cleanse and restore skin of natural moisture.  Algae is rich with chelated minerals that detoxify, repair, and rejuvenate dermal radiance internally, while relieving stiff muscles of irritation. 

Sea Salt: Noted for its benefits since the time of Cleopatra. Sea salt alleviates ailments caused by arthritis, eczema, inflammation, rheumatism, and psoriasis.  This natural exfoliant removes dead skin cells and relieves muscular tension.

Seaweed (Limu): Skin revitalizer and firming agent, seaweed adds years to the skin while boosting circulation. This product rules: 100% Pure Facial Peel, Purifying Seaweed Facial Mask.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaluca): This immune system booster is also an anti-fungal. Tea tree also soothes wounds and skin irritations such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Ylang Ylang: This exotic tropical flower is packed with aromatherapy properties that relax muscles, relieve stress and encourage relaxation.

Vanilla (Wanila): This sweetly scented bean is a restorative agent for maintaining healthy and balanced skin.  Aromatherapy benefits offer reduction of stress and depression. Seduce and soften with Hawaiian Skin SOFT Aloe and Shea with Ylang Ylang and Vanilla.


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