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You want to look beautiful in ALL of your wedding photos, every bride does.  The following tips will help:

Foundation: Use a long-lasting foundation and set with pressed powder containing SPF.

Eyes: Tears are likely, so use a smudge-proof eyeshadow and waterproof mascara.

Lips: You will be drinking champagne, kissing your groom, and talking all day. Choose a color close to your natural lip color so it wears off gracefully. Apply liner and lipstick with a lip brush to prolong wear.

**Prior to the wedding day**

Step outside and take a photo of your makeup in natural light. Make sure it looks just as beautiful outdoors as it does indoors - a picture will tell you.

** On your wedding day **

Stay close to your natural look for the big day… hours of talking, crying, laughing, waiting... your makeup will definitely wear off (at least slightly.)  The goal is to look like yourself - a beautiful version of yourself!



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