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Your fashion clothes, makeup, accessories and hairstyle helps to express your style by applying seasonal updates that acknowledge both what’s modern and what's you. It's like vintage shopping dig through this season’s best fashions, select your favorite and refashion it for your style. 

Fall 2010 Makeup

  • Shadow: Opt for metallic golds and smoky green silvers these colors complement all skin tones great for those of you who generally opt for subtle eye makeup. 
  • Eye Liner: Take a break from brown and black with midnight blue, dark teal, and plum eye liners.  These colors bring out subtle hues in the irises, creating a little extra sparkle.
  • Blush:  Peachy pink cream blushes are perfect for forever-fresh, dewy cheeks. Apply to apples.


Fall 2010 Clothing

Over the years, you have followed expert guidance to spend your riches on the high-quality fashion staples; tailored blazers, designer blue jeans, slacks, blouses, a pair of boots – a perfect starter palate for seasonal fashions.  The next step is to update your look by playing with accessories. Bring youth and a sense of playfulness to any style with waist cinching belts, funky jewelry and platform shoes. 

Look For: Feminine ruffles, figure-flattering bold prints and patterns, army-inspired details, and modern metallics.  These bold embellishments make a statement. Just be sure to edit wearing all of these trends at once is a no-no.  

White Hot: No color is hotter this season than pure white… and it goes with everything! 

Always Good Advice: 

  • Dress age appropriate and for your body type.
  • When browsing through images of high-priced clothing, snag the underlying advice of the trend and apply it to your style by buying something that suits your personality and your existing wardrobe.



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