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Every man, woman, and child has faced it at some point: greasy hair.  The best fix, of course, is to wash it.  But if your airtight schedule doesn’t allow enough time for proper styling and you need to look presentable quickly, try “dry shampoo.”  The little darling of short-cut secret weapons, dry shampoos are simple to apply and instantly absolve dirt, oil, and residue from hair while leaving behind a fresh,

“I’m clean!” scent.

Perfect For:

Showerless days on camping trip, extended international travel, shake-off-the-day plans that have you headed from the gym to happy hour instead of to a much needed shower… or if you are simply confronted by a day when you don’t have the time for a wash and blowout. No water needed, no tools required, just apply, tousle and go! 

Two of Our Favorites: 


Oscar Blandi “Pronto” Dry Shampoo (Powder)

  • Voted “Best Dry Shampoo” and “Best Quick Fix” by Allure Magazine
  • Light lemon scentNever tested on animals
  • Compact bottle for easy stowage 


Naturia Dry Shampoo (Spray)

  • Volumizing, lightweight and lightly scented
  • Packed with essential oils including peppermint, caraway, and basil
  • Super absorption action using silica, rice, cornstarch and kaolin clay powders  

Now, you can clean your hair in less than two minutes with vitamins and without parabens, phathalates, sulfates, and triclosan.     

Up a creek without dry shampoo?  Use baby powder.  It sucks up the oil in a flash. Just be sure to work it in completely, white powder can make your hair look gray and aged.



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