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It's late in the summer and hopefully you have been out enjoying great weather and summer fun!

Now that you have cultivated a beautiful seasonal glow, it is time to show it off! Observe these these easy tips for smoother, more radiant summer skin:

To Defeat Razor Burn: 

Shaving and waxing inevitably causes ingrown hairs.  Exfoliate prior to removing hair, then follow treatment with a product containing glycolic or salicylic acid.

Combat and Sooth Sunburn: 

Apply sunscreen containing an SPF of at least 15 and reapply often.  If sunburn does occur, take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and discomfort. 

Bodily Acne: Exfoliate lightly in the shower, then follow with a lotion containing salicylic acid. 

To kick body acne to the curb, we like medical grade Glytone body lotion.


Effortlessly Flawless, Post Summer Makeup:

  • Apply sunscreen first, always!
  • Use iridescent moisturizer, primarily in the t-zone. 
  • Add lightweight foundation with brush, finger tips, or sponge.  Brush into the neck to blend.
  • Dot concealer on problem areas and under eyes. Don’t use too much concealer under the eyes, especially around the outer side where it may gather if you have laugh lines, crow’s feet, etc.
  • Use mineral powder  - it is light and great for summer.  We love the Bare Minerals Starter Kit!
  • Add bronzer to the outside of your eyes and down by the cheekbone for a natural

sunkissed look.



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