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When the winter season dims and the door opens to invite warmer weather, bright colors, and skimpier clothing into our lives, we get an instant dopamine boost translating to what we call "spring fever."  We subconsciously wish to eat lighter, break into the dress closet, and take better care of our skin and body.  So, now that the winter season has officially moved on, it is time for some beauty spring cleaning! 

1. Clean all of your makeup brushes The bacterium that accumulates in your makeup brushes not only causes blemishes and breakouts, but can also spread conjunctivitis (pink eye yuck!).  Use liquid makeup? Clean after each use – powder, once a week.

*Don't forget to clean your hairbrush as well!

 2. Take a Bath. Tips for turning an ordinary bath into a cleansing, spa-like experience... inexpensively, and at home.

  • Clean your bath tub with antibacterial cleaner. Follow up by cleaning with soap. Let hot water run from shower head for ten minutes to remove all chemical residues. 
  • Use antibacterial bath salts (we like Dead Sea salts) and tea-tree extract. Dead Sea salts contain 27 variations of sodium chloride which feed the skin with potassium, calcium chloride, magnesium, and bromides (AKA, moisture). Tea tree is a natural remedy for healing various wounds.
  • Drop some flowers into your tub alongside your favorite bath gel – they offer this at deluxe spas, why not deluxe your bath at home!? 

3. Take a yoga, aerobics or a meditation class (or take all three!) The key is to get (or keep) your body moving after a season of hibernation, comfort foods, and cold weather.  Yoga is especially wonderful for adding a natural glow to your complexion from the internal heat you build during a practice.

4. Get your hair trimmed – those split ends want to be set free! Your hair will instantly have more life, bounce and shine!

Creating personal time to complete health-inspired tasks will help you look and feel amazing, while encouraging you to take excellent care of yourself... Translation: BEAUTY.




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