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The illustrious "bad hair day." It is a problem that no amount of dry shampoo or styling product can tousle or tame. In come the master of all fixes, from the land of effortless chic (France) - le chignon. A simple hair style that even the most finicky of stylists will approve of a classic, polished and sophisticated pulled back bun. 

In high fashion, this style is commonly worn with haute couture; as to not compete with the beauty of the clothing.  Fortunately, the 99.999% of us who are not cat-walkers can still benefit from this oh so clever and valuable trick of the trade.  Armed with the simple know-how of completing this look, fashionable women everywhere can laugh off the bad hair day and let the assets that are behaving themselves steal the show.

To Complete the Look:

Base ponytail either at the nape of the neck or slightly lower than the crown. Wrap hair around in a bun, either wrapping hair all one direction or in reversed directions and secure with bobby pins. Be creative, it is okay to let ends stick out. As long as le chignon is polished, smooth, simple and shiny.  Ooh La La: LE -CHIGNON! 




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