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Want your entire look stand out in fashionable glory?  Add a little sex-appeal and mystery with perfectly applied smoky eye makeup in just six easy steps:

  1. Line upper eyelid all the way across with a kohl (pencil) liner.
  2. Apply liner to lower lash line from the outside in.  Line halfway across if you have small eyes and all the way across if you have larger eyes.
  3. Take a flat brush or an eye makeup sponge applicator and moisten - smudge dark shadow across the penciled line.  Using a slightly damp applicator will make shadow appear slightly darker and adhere longer.
  4. Sweep on a layer of the same eye-shadow with a dry brush up to your crease (but not above.) 
  5. Use a light, creamy color to accent your brow bone. Go very light if using iridescent shadow.
  6. Use two to three coats of mascara to finish the look.

Tip from LA Based Makeup Artist, Catherine Vota: "Hold a square of toilet paper firmly beneath the lower lashes to catch stray powder during application to avoid raccoon eyes. Still have stray shadow? Spray cleansing water on a cotton ball to remove."

Adjust the colors according to your personal style.  For a bold statement to go with a kitschy, vintage look, try: black, navy, and deep brown. For subtle depth, opt for sage green, medium charcoal,

and plum.  




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