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Waxing your legs allows for lastingly smooth skin. But let's be realistic - we all know how expensive it is, not to mention the time it takes to allow enough grow out for a clean wax can be more irritating than it is worth. So for all of you women out there who reach for the razor instead of waiting for a waxing appointment that is still weeks away - allow for the smoothest shave possible.


  • Soak up your shower or bath water for several minutes before beginning, this softens the hair.
  • Let shaving cream sit on skin for two minutes before shaving this eliminates razor burn.
  • Shave in all directions, as hair grows in all directions.
  • Avoid soap in place of shaving cream it parches your skin tremendously (if you are in a bind, use hair conditioner.)
  • Rinse blade between every stroke.
  • Use short strokes.
  • Pat dry when finished.
  • Combine small amount of mineral oil with daily moisturizer.
  • For super silky skin, apply a generous amount of shea butter and let dry.




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