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Do you ever get tired of looking in the fridge and seeing the same food? Bored of performing the same gym routine day in, day out?  Same closet, same clothes? yawn.  If you are in need of beauty recharge, an easy place to start is with your hair.  

With the change of seasons, we alter our makeup and clothing, yet often leave our hair... hanging. 

Applying the same products daily leaves hair susceptible to waxy build-up, causing it to weigh itself down, so periodically change your shampoo and conditioner for more energy and movement.

Switch it up:  If you typically use a product that is moisturizing, switch to one that is lighter - your hair will not feel dry, but clean and shiny. If you typically use lightweight or “everyday” products, try a deep conditioner or an oil treatment. If you use wash-out conditioners, try a leave-in. You can get samples at most salons and large beauty stores, just tell a specialist that you would like to sample a few new products before deciding which one to buy.

Change your hair from absolutely lifeless to stunningly lively by changing it’s routine! 




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